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The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List (>1 MByte!)

Rotated symbol

To get a rotated iota:

tally Symbol


Extensible Left/Rightarrow
It is nearly the same than the builtin \xrightarrow and \xleftarrow only for double lines.

Special Symbols
\newcommand{\eqdef}{\ensuremath{\stackrel{\mbox{\upshape\tiny def}}{=}}}

Write in LaTeX preamble

than you can use the command \myYN to create Yes-No ckeckboxes like the following one:

There are some more information about package wasysym

Another type of checkboxes:

circle with text in it


Symbols for Set of R,N,Q,C
put in latex preamble:

\newcommand{\R}{{\sf R\hspace*{-0.9ex}\rule{0.15ex}%
\newcommand{\N}{{\sf N\hspace*{-1.0ex}\rule{0.15ex}%
\newcommand{\Q}{{\sf Q\hspace*{-1ex}\rule{0.15ex}%
\newcommand{\C}{{\sf C\hspace*{-0.9ex}\rule{0.15ex}%
to get the following Set-Symbols

Using package dsfont is also possible. in Latex preamble \usepackage{dsfont} and than in the text $\mathds{R}$.

You can also download a special font bmgrer. A view of the available symbols is possible. The installation manual is only in german.

A bow with an arrow
A bow with an arrow (left or right) as an accent is possible with the amsmath- and the accent-package. In latex preamble:

in your text you can use this accents in mathmode:
  • This is a leftbow: $\leftBow{\alpha}$
  • A formula: $A=\rightBow{A}-\leftBow{a}$

    Remeber that the bow is an accents, so it can only used for single letters.
    The packages amssymb and accents shall be part of your local tex-installation, otherwise you can get in at CTAN


    There are several possibilities to get an Eurosymbol:

    1. \usepackage [official] {eurosym}
      \catcode`\¤=\active \def¤{\euro{}}
      %¤ is the eurosymbol, not visible here
      then you can use in the text the euro symbols as usual, like and LaTeX does the rest.
    2. \usepackage{eurofont}
      an example for using in document text :
      Das Euro-Symbol \euro. Ein Betrag: \euros{500} 
      With the package bookman the Euro-symbol looks much more better than without bookman . At CTAN you can download package bookman.sty and the PostScript fonts, too.
    3. a non-standard Euro-symbol is possible with package textcomp and
    4. With package eurosym, available at CTAN. Load all fontfiles and the stylefile. In latex preamble:
      and in text for example: \euro{} \EUR{500}
  • A script for installing the eurosym package: http://www.alphacent.com/opensource/files/eurosign.tar.gz
  • Some general Information: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-euro-support/ch-applications.en.html
  • Wie bekomme ich mit LaTeX ein Eurosymbol?

  • Promille-Symbol

    use package textcomp and than \textperthousend or define your own sybol (from TeX-book):

      \raise.5ex\hbox{\the\scriptfont0 0}%
      \lower.25ex\hbox{\the\scriptfont0 00}}

    TradeMark-Symbol TM

    in latex preamble

    in the text

    Visible Space

    gives the spacesymbol . Remember that there must be a space behind the command!

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