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Extra characters from the Waldis symbol fonts.
Makes some additional characters available that come from the wasy fonts (Waldis symbol fonts). These fonts are not automatically included in NFSS2/LaTeX2e since they take up important space and often aren't necessary if one makes use of the packages amsfonts or amssymb. Symbols include: join box, diamond, leadsto, sqsubset, lhd, rhd, apple, ocircle invneg, logof, varint, male, female, phone, clock lightning, pointer, sun, bell, permil, smiley, various electrical symbols, shapes, music notes, circles, signs, astronomy, etc.

Use of the symbols is \wasyfamily\charNNN\rmfamily "NNN" is the decimal (!) number.

The package wasysym is available at CTAN

the names of the symbols:

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