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Color in chapter/section titles
The colors are only visible in the PS-output, not in DVI. If you have a book-class, than replace the section commands with the ones for book.

Colored Bullets
Write something like

Colored Paragraphs

you can also download this code as a stylefile myColor.sty, than you need only the command \usepackage{myColor} in latex-preamble. Remember that you have to store this stylefile in a way that latex finds it!

Color with frameboxing
in latex preamble

defining an own color in latex preamble or anywhere else:
\definecolor{myColor}{rgb}{0.9,0.9,0.9}%   rgb color model
multiline text in a parbox with a shade of myColor
\colorbox{myColor}{\parbox{\columnwidth}{ bla bla ... the text ... bla bla }}
the same for a framed parbox with

Converting a rgb color to cmyk

K = 1 - max(R,G,B);
C = (1 - R - K)/(1-K); 
M = (1 - G - K)/(1-K); 
Y = (1 - B - K)/(1-K); 
If you need for a publication always graysaled images, write into the preamble of your document:
    /setcmykcolor { exch 0.11 mul add
                    exch 0.59 mul add
                    exch 0.3 mul add
                    dup 1 gt { pop 1 }  if neg 1 add setgray } def
    /setrgbcolor { 0.11 mul
                   exch 0.59 mul add
                   exch 0.3 mul add setgray } def
    /sethsbcolor { /b exch def /s exch def 6 mul dup cvi dup /i exch def sub /f exch def
                   /F [[0 1 f sub 1][f 0 1][1 0 1 f sub][1 f 0][1 f sub 1 0][0 1 f][0 1 1]] def
                   F i get { s mul neg 1 add b mul} forall
                   0.11 mul
                   exch 0.59 mul add
                   exch 0.3 mul add setgray } def
then all colors are converted into gray. The following two images are the original one and the grayscaled one with the above command sequence.

Col.png Gray.png
Transparency colors
trans0.png This solution for a PDF-output with running pdflatex needs a modified pdftex.def which should go into TEXMF/tex/latex/pdftexdef/ and the newest xcolor package! Otherwise it won't work.

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