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1 The code

Put in Latex preamble:
% `rose.eps' is in CTAN:/macros/generic/boxedeps/-------------
  default \put(0,\strip@pt\paperheight){%
}}} %
%\AddToShipoutPicture{\BackgroundPicture{rose}{45}}% here or anywhere in text

The packages eso-pic and graphicx are often part of your local tex-installation , otherwise download and install them. Don't forget a texhash. With the command
in LateX preamble or anywhere in the text an image is printed on the actual page where this command is located and all following one. For example: If you like a background picture beginning with the third page, write the command just behind the \newpage-command or any other one, which is on page 3.

2 The arguments

  1. the first one is the name of the image with relative path
  2. the second is the angle for the rotating of the image


3 Star version

A background image/text only on one page is possible with the star-version :

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