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Different Marginparwidth

It is also possible to change the margins without a list environment.

Paragraph Margins

Left margin

    [ ...the text ... ]
Left AND right margin
    start with
  • \begin{center}
    ... the text ...

    another solution is to define your own environment in latex preamble
    in your text than
  • \begin{myQuote}{3cm}{5cm}
  • the text ... bla bla bla ... the text
  • \end{myQuote}
    or with any other values for left and right margin.
Right margin
    same as above with \begin{myQuote}{0cm}{5cm}
    or with any other value for right margin.

It is also possible to set the margins without a list environment. Download

Page margins
Changing the documentwide pagemargins is easy with the chngpage. Do not change the variables textheight, textwidth, .. with the setlength-command. Choose always the packages geometry or chngpage!

Hanging indented paragagraphs

[paragraphs following will have hanging indent]

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