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Very often a glossary or nomenclatur makes sense. The package nomencl, which may be part of your local tex-installation or available at CTAN supports a list of abbreviations, a glossaray or a nomenclature.

If you like a chapterwise list of the nomenclature download the following example

To get a well working output, do the following steps (the first makeindex run is only nessecary if you need an index).

latex myFile.tex
latex myFile.tex
makeindex -p -s myFile.idx
makeindex myFile.glo -s nomencl.ist -o myFile.gls
latex myFile.tex

If you have additional packages loaded or a bibliography, so some more latex runs or a bibtex one may be required (for example: hyperref-package)!

Another way is to write an own makeindex-shell:

# voss/010622
NOMENCL_STYLE=~voss/styles/nomencl.ist     # or path to nomencl-package
INDEX_STYLE=~voss/styles/Letter.ist        # my default
FILENAME=$3              # we call it with makeindex -p -s filename
NAME=${FILENAME%%.*}      # without suffix
echo "File: $NAME"
$TEXPATH/makeindex -s $INDEX_STYLE -c -q $3
# if there is no glossary it doesn't matter
$TEXPATH/makeindex $NAME.glo -s $NOMENCL_STYLE -o $NAME.gls

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