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The package is availabe at TeX Archive Network (CTAN). Take care that you always use the latest version. Just as all other packages declare it in the LaTeX preamble with

1 Numbered lines

Without any options the lines are numbered by default with the following values:
You can change these values in the usual way.

The syntax for the environment is simple:

bla bla bla the text
If you like the numbers on the right side of the page, change the option with \rightlinenumbers. The resetting of the counter can be done with (for example): \resetlinenumber[5]. Pay attention for the square brackets!

2 Marked lines

If you like to mark some lines with any character, you can redefine the commands \thelinenumber with
and you'll get quoted lines just in an email reply.

On the other hand you can redefine the command \makelinenumber with

\renewcommand\makeLineNumber{\hss\ !\rlap{\hskip\textwidth\ !}}
to get bothsided marked text.

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