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New Type of Floats The package float may be part of your local TeX-Installation or available at CTAN. Be sure that you have a version higher than 1.2, otherwise the floats don't work as wide ones in a twocolumn mode.

Creating a new type of float is very simple.
As an example for a type messages:

in latex preamble

The arguments are:
  1. messages: the name of the float. Important for the caption and the latex-syntax (see below)
  2. htb: Placement, valid for all floats of type Messages
  3. loM: the name of the file which stores the captions for a list of Messages
  4. chapter: numbering inside chapters, makes sense for the book-classes.

In the text the enw float-type Messages is called as an environment:


text, figure, table or anything else

\caption{text text}
Changing the name of the caption is possible with (for example):
Changing the list-of-title is a little bit complicated. if you have only one new-defines float, write in preamble:
  \myListof{#1}{Here comes my list of Messages}%
For the list of ... write always
\listof{messages}{Here comes my list of Messages}

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