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Other LaTeX-packages beside the very useful multicol-package:

cutedMixing onecolumn and twocolumn modes at any place of page. fix2colFix miscellaneous two column mode feature
flushendColumns balancing at last page. ftnrightFootnotes in two column documents.
mhequMulticolumn equations, tags, labels, sub-numbering. midfloatMixing onecolumn and twocolumn modes at any place of page.
multenumMulti-column enumerated lists. multitocSet table of contents in multiple columns.
parallelProvides a parallel environment which allows two columns of text to be typeset. Useful for typesetting two languages side-by-side.

Wide section header
There are two ways to get section titles whith the whole textwidth.

  1. insert the section title and then start immediately the multicolumn environment
  2. you can start the multicol environment with an optional argument, which goes always across all columns:
    \begin{multicols}{3}[\section*{Long title across all the columns}]

package multicol has the command \columnbreak for a new column: The actual one is filled with vertical space.
Multicol and images

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