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Example 1

The solution from pstricks doesn't work for PDF-outputs with pdflatex. In this case you need the picture-Environment. But than you have the problem that you need from the image height only it's value not the unit. With a little trick we can split a length into it's value and unit:
Before you insert the float or image without a float write in TeX (red):
  \divide\dummyLaenge by\unitlength
Noe insert the float as usual and write in Tex (red)
With entering a caption you'll get with Export->pdflatex the following image

To get this example run, you need also some more packages:

Example 2

The following hack uses some of LaTeX's special commands (thanks to Heiko Overdiek):

Example 3

Another possibility is to redefine the picture environment., so that it accepts length's with a unit like the one from pstricks package. Write in preamble:
    \hskip -#3\unitlength
    \lower #4\unitlength\hbox\bgroup
Start the picture environment with

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