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The Mathmode of LaTeX, which collects all the important tricks for math

Short Hyphen in Mathmode
In mathmode you have to insert \mbox{-} if you want to have the short hyphen character and not the minus one.

Enumeration style and Equations
If you need formulas in an enumeration environment you have to choose the inline mode when you want to have a proper vertical alignment.

If you need some special AmsMath environments than you need the displaymode for the formulas. In this case they are not exactly vertical aligned, when you do not choose the \raisebox - command. For example write in an enumerate-layout style:
            A & =\sum\int\dotsi\int
              & =\dotsb
Easier is a solution without the split and equation-environment:
\item\(A =\displaystyle\sum\int\dotsi\int f(x_1,\dotsc,x_n)\,dx_1\land\dotso\land\,dx_n\)\\

Fractions in Text
Often the fraction in mathmode don't looks very nice. In this case you can choose package nicefrac.sty, which is part of the units-package.

\nicefrac{3}{5} in the text gives with \usepackage[nice]{nicefrac} in Latex preamble.

Math Fonts

Textfontpossible Mathfont(s)
Concret, Palatino, Melior, Sabon
Lucida-Bright, Times, Minion

Description of Postscript and Mathfonts

  • http://www.tu-harburg.de/rzt/tuinfo/editors/tex/tips/math-fonts.phtml

    Other mathfonts at:

  • http://jeff.cs.mcgill.ca/~luc/math.html (in german but a lot of english code)
  • http://www.YandY.com/options.htm

    BoldMath and Greek-Roman
    LaTeX standard is italic for lower greek letters, roman is therefore not possible. The following LaTeX preamble gives the possibility to use roman greek letters in mathmode. The amslatex-fonts, especially ueur.fd, must be installed.

    Another possibility is to use the package upgreek

    bold italic

    By default you get always upright letters if you mark the charcaters and make them bold with ctrl-b. To get bold italic characters write in Preamble:

    and in the blue mathbox write
    Another way is to use
    and than to write

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