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enumerate-, itemize-, description-environment (and other) are all part of the LaTeX list environment. For a general introduction go first here!
Hexadecimal counting     No pagebreak in a list
to prevent a pagebreak in a list define in LaTeX preamble:
and write just before the list in tex (red):

Parentheses beside an Environment

Enumerate inside another Environment
This example uses the ams-article document class.

Extended Label for Enumerate By default an enumerated list is like:
1. ...
2. ...
or like this. They are always numbered and therefore it's easy to change this style ! If you want some additional text, for example like
1. day: ...
2. day: ...
than write in preamble:
\newcommand\myLabelTag{ day: }
  \ifnum \@enumdepth >\thr@@\@toodeep\else
        \csname label\@enumctr\endcsname
        {\usecounter\@enumctr\def\makelabel##1{\hspace\labelsep ##1\myLabelTag}}%

Available latex packages for enumerationstyle are
  1. mdwlist.sty
  2. paralist.sty
  3. expdlist.sty
  4. layouts.sty


By default the first item in the description-environment is written in bold normalfont. This can be changed. Write in latex preamble:

  \normalfont\sc #1}
for small capitals.

Enumerate with mdw-Tools

new indented lines in enumerated environments with the same number are possible with ctrl-enter. to avoid this indent and begin a new paragraph, followed by a next enumerated line with a number which follows the other one, is possible with package mdwlist, which is part of the mdtools:

in latex preamble:


Bibliography Environment
This is one of the list-environments where you can't change the values from outside. You have to do a \renewcommand. For example, to change the vertical space between two items write in the preamble (this is for bookclass):
     {\chapter*{\bibname}%  for article class it is:   {\section*{\refname}%
            \setlength{\itemsep}{-1ex}%%%%% CHANGED %%%%%
      \@clubpenalty \clubpenalty
       {\@latex@warning{Empty `thebibliography' environment}}%

Centered List
This is very easy with the tabular environment when you have only one line per item:

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