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ball.gif This is not an official faq! It's a collection of my private tips & tricks of TeX/LaTeX.

ball.gif If a link fails give me a hint! letter

ball.gif If you do not find an answer then write your problem to the TeX newsgroup comp.text.tex or the german speaking de.comp.text.tex and not to me as a private mail!

ball.gif See also the PSTricks web site for help with the PSTricks packages.
Frequently done errors ...
  1. Nearly all DVI viewers cannot show rotations and colors. View the PDF or PostScript output.
  2. Bad fonts in the PDF output -> see FAQ
  3. LaTeX        -> only support for eps images
    PDFLaTeX -> only support for pdf, jpeg or png images
  4. Error message: no room for a new dimen. See UK TeX-FAQ for what to do ...

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